La Via Lattea reflects the light of your room into a starry sky.
It's an acrylic painting additived of white microspheres, resins and pyramid-shaped metal fragments, available in 169 Colours. It reacts to light by changing reflections, following the different illuminations. The wall will have a uniform appearance. The reflections are highlighted by frontal lighting.

Minimal is the lifestyle that allows you to get away from what is unessential. Available in 169 Colours is a water-based paint for interiors, additived of fine nacreous and selected quartz fillers.
A finishing slightly stained, sanded and nacre that characterizes the walls without excesses and distractions and that reacts to light creating shiny opaque reflections following the different illuminations. For a more homogeneous result, we suggest using shaded Primus Sabbia.

The ceiling of your room in the dark will lit with millions of stars.
Crea il Tuo Universo is applied by brush. During the day it will charge with light and in the evening will light up your nights and those of your children, taking you to a world of dreams.

The product is a transparent resin that holds in the light it receives and then emits it in the presence of total darkness. The product, completely transparent, maintains the colour of the background without variation. The surface previously illuminated by direct light, will light up in the dark, highlighting aesthetic effects and the play of light. Applied onto ISTINTO using a brush or sponge and then washed over with a clean sponge and water, in the dark it increases the contrast between the smooth and rough parts.

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